A Shared/First-Year Reading Experience

Please consider offering the new, nonpartisan, nonfiction book You Call THIS Democracy? to your students for a first-year or shared-reading experience.

IMAGINE first-year students coming to campus jazzed about an important transition―as a new voter.

IMAGINE students delving into an accessible text that helps them engage in upcoming elections―and beyond.

IMAGINE students truly connected to the public and political life of their new local community.

IMAGINE students from all backgrounds seriously considering whether they should one day run for office.

IMAGINE your campus defying the dismal voter registration and voter turnout rate for young voters, which hovers around 30 percent. In fact, imagine 100 percent registration of eligible students on campus―and 100 percent turnout in elections.


You Call THIS Democracy? can help.


In addition to offering the book to all first-year students, or all students on campus, the experience could include:

* Presentations by an author skilled and passionate about inspiring civic engagement

* Small-group student discussions around issues raised in the book

* Town hall meetings with local and state representatives

* Talks or panels with your political science or law faculty

* Campus-wide voter registration, voter education (how to vote), and get-out-vote efforts



* A campus enlivened by a deep understanding of democracy and a commitment to it.

* Creation of a shared forum to talk politics outside the rancor of partisan fighting.

* Students who feel more connected to and knowledgeable about their local government, and a local government more accountable to the students, many of whom will be voting constituents.

* Students who think of themselves as citizens, who register to vote wherever they are eligible, and who develop a voting habit over four years―a habit that can last a lifetime.



You Call THIS Democracy? will be available March 31, 2020 in hardcover and paperback from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and wherever books are sold. Discounts available based on the quantity ordered. (For example, the discount for 500 to 2,499 copies is 55 percent). Customization, such as adding a logo or a note from the president, is also available. Contact: Emma.Tomko@hmhco.com.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780358176923 ($19.99 retail; $9.00 for 500+ copies)

Trade Paper ISBN: 9780358387428 ($9.99 retail; $4.50 for 500+ copies)

Audio ISBN: 978142819222



Young people, age 18-29, have the lowest voter turnout of any group in the United States. Typically less than a third of this population votes. Research suggests age 18 is the worst possible time to start voting. Young people launching their college or independent lives tend to be distracted and not connected to a community of voters. You can change that for your students and prepare them for a lifetime of active citizenship. Shared reading of this book can help.