The Laws We Need

(model legislation)

As you are advocating for improvements to our democracy, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Model legislation for most of these issues has already been written -- and laws making these changes have already been passed in some states. Below are links to model and passed legislation that you can offer to your lawmakers.

Fix Our Democracy

H.R. For the People Act: expands voting rights, limits gerrymandering, and limits campaign contributions. Passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.


Anti-Corruption Act: ends gerrymandering, restricts influence of paid lobbyists, ends lawmaker fundraising during business hours, requires disclosure of all political contributions, requires automatic voter registration, and offers a vote-at-home option.

National Popular Vote


End Gerrymandering

Michigan constitutional amendment:

New Hampshire bill:

Virginia state constitutional amendment:

Model language for creating strong rules for drawing voting district maps by the Brennan Center:


Getting Money Out of Government

H.R. For the People Act: limits campaign contributions, requires disclosure of donors, and offers public funding option. Passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.


Publicly Funded Elections/Clean Elections

New York Small-Donor Financed Elections

Seattle Democracy Vouchers:

Arizona Citizens Clean Election Act:,_Proposition_200_(1998)


End Voter Suppression


DC and Puerto Rican Statehood

HR 51, The Washington, DC, Admission Act

HR 1965 Puerto Rico Admission Act


Restoration of Voting for Ex-Felons

Restoration of voting rights in Nevada:

Voting Rights for Parolees in Colorado:


Youth Vote

Oregon resolution to lower voting age to 16:


Automatic Voter Registration


Vote By Mail

Colorado’s law (CRS §1-5-401):

Oregon’s law (ORS §254.465):

Washington’s law (WRC §29A.40):